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Huawei evrensel bulut çözümlerini piyasaya sürüyor

Zaman: 2022-04-08 Hitler: 50

Huawei held the Carrier Cloud Transformation Summit as a highlight of its Win-Win Innovation Week on July 20,2022 During the summit keynote entitled Huawei Cloud, Enabling New Growth for Carriers, Director of Huawei Carrier IT Marketing & Solution Sales Chen Xuejun announced Huawei's first suite of global scenario-based cloud solutions for carriers. These solutions focus on monetizing networks, innovating services, and optimizing operations to help carriers embrace cloud transformation and growth acceleration. Cloud computing, big data, and edge computing, has become the future of telecom carriers with advances in 5G, According to Gartner, carriers around the world will increase their IT infrastructure investment in cloud transformation at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27% in the next five years. Huawei has distilled its over three decades of telecom experience and cloud expertise into the following key factors for carrier cloud transformation: first, the selection of a transformation strategy by factoring in a carrier's own advantages; second, the planning of a transformation path considering data security, system stability, and service agility; and third, the selection of a trusted, experienced, and competent partner for win-win collaboration.

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